First Ever Forever 21 Shopping Experience!

Yesterday, My mom and I went to Forever 21! Their first ever store in Davao City. It is big and the clothes are amazing. The jewelries are to die for. I was so in love with their trendy styles and designs. After almost two hours of searching, we finally found "the ones" haha!

Mother dear picked this seashell pink woven shirt for P619 (original price: P1175)
Bought this for my bestfriend as a birthday gift!                             
Fuchsia, Navy and Brown belts for only P260.                                            

Coral/Cream Polka Dress for me that costs P309! (original price: P765)
My mom and I decided to buy these gold and black bracelets for P330.
Pretty necklace at P160.
I found these cute gold/peach earrings for P225!
Thank you, Mom!! We had blast and a great bargain! And I'm hoping to shop more at Forever 21! To know more about their products and promos, visit Forever21 Facebook page. =)
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