New and exciting SM Lanang Premier Supermarket

Before SM Lanang Premier Supermarket opens its doors to the public on September 28, 2012, the Davao Bloggers group was privileged to be invited to an exclusive media tour. The team from SM Lanang Supermarket was happy to announce that shoppers now have access to fresh trends, more choices, personalized customer assistance and sophisticated services.  

First stop, the " Swipe machine". You just swipe your SM Advantage card, Prestige card or BDO Rewards to get a list of discounts and giveaways.

Next is the "Fresh section" where we were delighted to see abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood and of course meat. They also have hydroponic vegetables grown without soil to ensure cleaner, healthier freshness. They have installed sneeze guard in the fresh vegetables and salad section to prevent bacteria and virus exposure as shoppers go about. They also have humidifiers for vegetables and seafood to maintain its moisture.

Next stop is the Food Service Center where items are sold in large quantities. Their target market in this area are restaurant, hotels, caterers.

One their new exciting promos is the Happy Hour. This happens twice in a day where must-catch discounts on fresh and food items can be availed of by shoppers. Mind you, the Happy Hour happens at any given time, so be sure to be there when it happens.

Another new service is the "Press for help" button. Their friendly and reliable customer assistants will be there to assist you, just press the button and tada. :)

If you're like me who is allergic to long queues, SM Supermarket has a solution to that. Introducing the "Speed Lane". While you are patiently waiting for your turn on the cashier, a customer assistant will scan your grocery items and will give you an order slip. And then all you have to do, is proceed to the cashier to pay for your items. They mentioned that they will assign 10 CAs in this area. Of course they still have priority lanes for Senior citizens and Prestige cardholders.

Its all in one roof, not only grocery and fresh items, you can also find home and kitchen items at very reasonable prices. You can also grab a bite from a variety of meals available in the food stalls. They also have bills payment section, pharmacy and Western Union readily accessible to you.

So where else can you find the same level of service? Its all here at SM Lanang Premier Supermarket. They are open daily from 10AM-9PM (Monday to Thursday) and 9AM-9PM (Friday-Sunday).
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