Book Review: The Last Invisible Boy

I saw this book and I immediately grabbed it due to the title and well-designed cover. The Last Invisible Boy is written by Evan Kuhlman. It may seem somehow a good read-like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid for its well-drawn cartoon like and pencil illustrations by J.P. Coovert, but the story is all together different.

12-year-old Finn Garrett is losing himself. Literally. Finn's dark hair began turning white, his hair turned ghostly pale. It all started after The Terrible Day That Changed Everything aka the day he lost his beloved father forever. He then struggles to bring back the normalcy in his life.

There were a lot of suggestions in the book that were probably the answer to Finn's invisibility. Something like "Dad was taken instantly, I'm vanishing in bits and pieces, like a disease that will not kill me but will erase me. First goes my hair and skin. And then the rest of me."  

Finn has his mother who does her best to hold her family together and Derek, Finn's younger brother. Finn also has Melanie, his best friend who is always there for him. Sometimes Melanie accompanies Finn at the cemetery. Finn calls himself the keeper of his father's stories. Melanie and Finn has this cute middle-school relationship, but they decided to stay friends as of the moment.

The book has a lot of sad, sad parts. Some of it made my heart sank and cause tears to drop. It also has happy parts that made me laugh. I also loved the it when Finn gave the meaning of the names he mentioned. I love this book. It well-written and it's a bit bizarre how Finn can talk and remember things like the stuff he said in the book in pretty much accurate detail

Recommended for kids and adults, especially those who recently experienced family loss. 


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