Clawdaddy's Great American Picnic

There is nothing better than licking your fingers for the remains of a spectacular meal. And spectacular is just the word for Clawdaddy’s concoctions, most especially their mastery of serving the best of seafood cuisine. 

This is what exactly happened yesterday when they had their store blessing and invited Davao Bloggers and some friends from the media to celebrate the event with them.

After the blessing, we were treated to a sumptuous lunch. Chef Peter Ayson announced the menu for the day. Some of the dishes they served yesterday was not in their menu yet and we are the first ones to try it. Exciting!

First off is the Taste of Davao. Its more like a four-seasons drink but they used local fruits, like durian, marang, mango and pomelo. I like that the taste of durian did not overpower the other ingredients. It was blended just right.

Nacho Ordinary Nacho is a tricolor corn chips with jalapeno malagos cream cheese and guacamole verde. 

Fisherman's Chowder is fresh local clams, potatoes and leeks, hearty soup with malagos bleu cheese and goldfish crackers. Instant favorite. I love the richness of the soup and of course the malagos bleu cheese incorporated to it.

Cajun Shrimp and Pomelo Salad. Seared bacon wrapped shrimp, mesclun greens, herbed croutons, organic tomatoes, passion fruit and pomelo vinaigrette.

Grilled Oysters is char grilled shucked oysters with citrus brown butter. These oysters are from Surigao. This is my 1st favorite. I'm begging for some more please. 

Seafood Skewers is marinated tuna and malasugi kebabs with char grilled lemon herbed vegetables and sunville rice pilaf. Yummy, my 3rd favorite.

Cladaddy's Fish Fry crusted and fried seafood. Fried calamari, cornmeal crusted fried clams, blackened red fish and fish popcorn.

Baby Back Ribs, boy the serving was huge! Char grilled baby back ribs, honry and molasses bbq sauce, cabbage slaw and dirty jambalaya rice.

The Boiling Bag - literally! Mixed clams, shrimps, crabs in clawdaddy mixed seasoning served with new potatoes, corn all in a bag. The bag keeps all the taste of all the seafood mix. Chef told us he need not to more to make it taste that good because all the ingredients are fresh. The bread tastes better when soaked in the soup.

Catch of the Day is char grilled mixed clams and lemon butter. My 2nd favorite. Obviously, I love grilled seafood.

Crab of the Day in chili sauce. Seriuosly, I can eat this all by myself.

And we finish the meal off with Tablea and Coffee Bread Pudding. This has local dark chocolate and grown coffee bread pudding with white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

It was one big lunch for us all and I want to thank Clawdaddy's for inviting us to sample all these good food. 

Clawdaddy offers more than great food, it provides an opportunity to bond with the people close to your heart over bibs, buckets of shells and most importantly an unforgettable cuisine that offers the best that the sea has to offer.

Visit Clawdaddy at the Ground Floor of SM Lanang Premier, near the fountain court. You may also check their Facebook page (

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