The experience: Ipanema Urban Jungle Fashion Show

The Ipanema  Urban Jungle Fashion Show was heaps of fun. It was such a success! The show was exciting, unique and truly enjoyable. It was something out of the box. 

The event was held at Abreeza Mall Activity Center.  I couldn't help admire the way they transformed it into a jungle-like runway. It was amazing! You could feel the wild vibe in the air. I also loved the songs they  played before and during the show. It made me feel that I was in a real jungle, out in the wild.

Personally, I thought the concept was spectacular. The models (or should I say really awesome dancers) dressed up as wild creatures. Each of them delivered a good job! Thumbs up! As they presented each flip flop(which were to die for), imitating the animal they embodied, they performed elegant moves that blew me away. I was also very impressed  by their creative and stylish make up and cool costumes- even the small details. 

This guy seriously gave me chills.

Before the show started, my mom and I got a bag of goodies. I am so happy that my pair of slipper fits! ♥ and I can wear 'em anywhere.  Thank you, Ipanema! 

Watch this video to get glimpse of the spectacular show. 

This fashion show is surely an unforgettable experience.  My mom and I found it entertaining in so many ways. So glad I witnessed this one of a kind fashion show!

'Till my next post!

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