My First Krispy Kreme Experience

Way back 3 years ago, I experienced my first ever Melt-In-Your-Mouth Original Glazed Doughnut of Krispy Kreme, and I'm telling you it was love at first bite.

Last Friday, around 10:30 PM we head off to SM Davao Annex to line up to be one of the first 100 customers of Krispy Kreme. To tell you the truth, I wasn't surprised that there was a lot of Krispy Kreme lovers who were already there, staying up all night and waiting anxiously on their seats.

Transferring outside to wait until 9am!

My brother and I stayed on our seats for almost 12 hours. I could tell that he was very excited, for I was too. It was about 12:00 am when my mom left us. 

Another hour came, then another again...

The excitement kept us awake. Krispy Kreme also energized us by blasting their speakers with really catchy and pop music. The people around us seemed more excited than us, ha! They chit-chatted with each other, telling stories about their first Krispy Kreme experience. 

Knock Out

Around 2 am
It was about 3 am when my brother fell asleep. So I finished reading the Mark of Athena. It's the third book of The Heroes of Olympus by master storyteller Rick Riordan. The book was the bomb!! It was well-written, action packed and the narration was fantastic! (as always) the ending was awesome, but it made me beg for more. Watch out for my book review!

5:30- My mom arrived and brought us some breakfast. Luckily there was still a spot for my mom! So she happily lined up. Then I think I fell asleep. Ha! Woke up around 7:30. The Krispy Kreme staff were handing out shirts and hot coffee.

Ha Ha Ha Guess Who?

Steph, Rayyan, Me and Karen

Finally, after long hours of waiting... Krispy Kreme Davao officially opened! Yay! The crowd went wild, cheering and waving their balloons. 

The first 8, who came from different parts of Mindanao received
1 year supply of hot glazed doughnuts and signature coffee!

First Drive-Thru Customer! Hurray!

It is undeniable that this experience is unforgettable. It really showed me how much the Filipinos loves KrispyKreme Doughnuts. This experience is totally exciting, fun and extremely worth the wait. We will receive 1 month supply of Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts and Krispy Kreme Signature Coffee! 

Happy People

We only got 2 tickets because my mom was feeling generous and gave her ticket to random strangers. Aweeeeeee :-)

Since the Media Meetup last Thursday until today we had 6 dozens of doughnuts and 1 box Kruffins. Yipee!! 

Empty boxes... still wondering where all the doughnuts went...

And here's what's left! Ha!
Eat at Krispy Kreme located at SM Davao Annex an Abreeza Mall
What's your first Krispy Kreme Experience?
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