Happy Since 1916: Keds

I guess I'm more of a sneaker girl; I feel more comfortable wearing 'em than high heels or sandals. So that's probably why I love Keds! Comfy sneakers with awesome prints. They are quite girly▬in a cool way▬ too which makes me love 'em more. I was so happy when I found out Taylor Swift is Keds; new ambassadress. Truthfully, I love Taylor Swift

Here are some of Taylor's Picks! 

Here's a little history lesson about Keds: In 1916, Keds created the original canvas sneaker - named for the silent rubber soles on our shoes (superb for sneaking up!). This lightweight 
canvas sneaker, named the Keds Champion, more than lived up to its name.

Check out more of their awesome sneakers▬and boots, at www.keds.com ☺

So are you a sneaker girl or a high heels girl? Leave a comment!
xo, Dan

P.S. All Photos Are From Keds Website!

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