What's for lunch, Pepper Lunch?

Hello weekend! It's Friday once again, time to try new food. I went to Pepper Lunch at the Peak with one of my kids.

Pepper Lunch (ペッパーランチ Peppaa-ranchi) is a "fast-steak" restaurant concept that originated in Japan in 1994. They opened the first Pepper Lunch outlet on May 16, 2008 at the Power Plant mall.  

You can feel a relaxing ambiance  when you enter the store. The design has a clean and modern feel to it. I also like that it is well lighted which gives it fast food vibe.

I wanted to play it safe so I ordered Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with Egg(P245) and added P60 for a regular drink and a choice of any side dish. The dish is served raw in a sizzling plate that is heated up to 260 degrees. So be careful, very very hot plate.

The colors are vibrant and smell is so inviting. You need to cook your own food by mixing them up equally in one minute as there is a butter and sauce in the middle of the plate. I did not put any sauce on it because I was satisfied with the taste. The serving was also quite big for me so I shared this kid my kid.

The Menu
Overall I was happy with my meal and would love to visit them again to try out some of the steak. We left very full and eager to be on our next food journey.

My date Denzel  ♥ and his icecream ♥
Would you like to try Pepper Lunch? Would like to hear your experience. 

To know more about them visit them at The Peak at Gaisano Mall or check out their website:

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