Bigby's Trivia Night First-Timers

One fine afternoon, I was with the couple Crislyn and Ace Nierva, scouting for an outfit to the Davao Bloggers Christmas Party. Around past 6PM we got hungry so decided to grab a bite at Bigby's Cafe and Restaurant in SM City Davao.

While we were deciding what to eat, I noticed that the restaurant staff were busy setting up projector and projector screen. In my mind, I was thinking there might be a film showing coming up. Danaea will be joining us so I ordered Belly Sizzlers and Cheese Quesadillas, while Ace and Cris had Manhattan Burger and Supper Duper Spaghetti.

After a few minutes our food came and one of the staff asked us if we'd like to join the Trivia Night. So that's what the projector was all about. We were hesitant to join at first since I still need to pick up groceries and we might not finish it coz its getting a bit late. But what the heck, we joined just for fun. The four of us are first timers. We called our team Team DanDan, we didn't use Davao Bloggers because we might embarrass the group if we lost in the end. lol.

The placed was jam-packed that night, we had a total of 6-7 teams, the monthly champ was in and there was a group composed of teachers from a known school in Davao.

The categories were so random. For that night, the 1st category was Drew Barrymore movies, which I'm proud to say that we got it all right. Another category we did well was, guess the song title and artist, which Danaea answered well. So yey! Not bad for a first-timers. Other categories were all about black, words that starts with EQU, Next Generation Pop Women, movies shot in San Francisco, Olympic cities, Mexican telenovelas, Princeton University fiction.

So guess who won? Of course, it was us, Team DanDan! Kudos to my teammates , our efforts paid off... We won a P500 GC from Bigby's and each of us got a P500 discount coupon from Roxy. Second place was Team Wakwak, the teachers group, won a chocolate cake. 

Photo from Crislyn

We missed last week's Trivia Night due to busy work schedule but hopefully we'll be able to join the Davao Bloggers group in Abreeza tomorrow night. Hoping this time the Davao Bloggers will win.. wink ;) 

Bigby's Trivia Night is happening every Wednesday at 6PM at SM City Davao and at 8PM at Abreeza Mall.

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