Globe Telecom Delivers Modernized Network

The Globe network which was originally built for text messaging and limited voice has to evolve to accommodate changes in usage behavior and to address pockets of constraints in the network. And they want to do it the right way - transformation.

Globe Telecom is building a brand-new, world-class, robust and future-proof, all-IP network for a superior customer experience.

Transformation benefits

  • Robust capacity - Eased congestion means quick and clear call connections, prompt text messaging and fast internet.
  • 3x the 3G Capacity - Pervasive internet with an aggessive roll-out of #G sites and more HSPA+ activations. This brings faster surfing and downloading and readiness for LTE next-generation technology.
  • Signal Boost and Enhanced Coverage - Network re-planning where the landscape has evolved and new antennae thechnology for better coverage.
  • Improved Network Availability - More resilient/highly protected network- as the design factors in experiences from past calamities.
  • Procative Systems - Globe Telecom's Operation Support Systems (OSS) will now have the ability to see and diagnose the perfomance of each and every network element.
  • More 'Runway' - Globe has alreday finished installation of sumarine cables to link Boracay so you could surf by the beach. Palawan will be completed by early next year in 2013.
Where are they?

  • 70% of equipment modernization now complete, on track to completion by March 2013
  • 100% of cellsites have been upgraded in Davao, Cebu, CAMANAVA, South Luzon and Zamboanga Peninsula
  • 2,700 4G sites already up, a total of 4,000 4G sites by the end of 2012

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