Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival Ikalawang Yugto

The Film Development Council of the Philippines Sineng Pambansa brought the National Film Festival Ikalawang Yugto to Davao City. They provided seed grants to deserving projects from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao - they call this Audience Development Program. FDCP's objectives for this program are:
  • Encourage the creativity of filmmakers from the regions and give them a sense of empowerment
  • Provide them an opportunity and venue to tell their stories in their own voices
  • Bring together these diverse voices and dynamic visions in the common audiovisual language of cinema 
  • Showcase the vitality and complexity of the country's indigenous cultural heritage through the medium of film
  • Bring works of a new generation of Filipino filmmakers to Filipino audience and to the rest of the world


Writer/Director, Martin Masadao

“Anac Ti Pating” happens in one school year from June to March. Sixto Mangaoang is a Math wizard in Grade 5, he however also has the penchant for drawing and writing. For his English Class project, Sixto decides on writing a short story for children about a shark living in the forest in the Cordilleras. Sixto ‘comes-of-age’ in this school year, he develops a friendship with his neighbor, the retired Dr. Rayos, who encourages Sixto to strive hard to pursue his dreams. Sixto also befriends his Korean neighbor, a boy about the same age as he, despite their awkward first meeting. Sixto experiences first love. Sixto stands up to the school bully. Sixto discovers the truth about his birth.

Writer/Director Maria Ena Aimee Lourdes Apostol- Escasa

A bitter curse sets off a collision course with the lives of two girls in a remote town in Iloilo. Ana, a young paltera (midwife), is forced to deliver a baby whose birth is cloaked in mystery. Lila, living in isolation with her mother, makes a dangerous journey across the mountains to buy salt from the nearest town. There, she unravels the dark horrible secret that doomed her to a life hidden from the world.

Writer/Director Dominic Lim

Bobet is a junk shop owner in a dingy garbage town at the outskirts of Manila where everything and everyone thrown away by society resides. He is joined by an overly dramatic mother fueled by telenovela antics, a blind sister with super-hearing powers, a childhood sweetheart with roller coaster mood swings, and a riff raff cono best friend among other equally wacky individuals that litter the streets of Purok Ocho.

Bobet discovers superhuman strength and trash manipulation capabilities and becomes…Kapitan Basura, at your service.  Tumatanggap din po ng labada.

Writer/Director Racquel Zaballero-Sanchez, Director: Sigfried Barros-Sanchez

Two aging couples, a linear film editor (Noel Trinidad) and an ex-dubber (Tessie Tomas), part ways at the twilight of their years to see what's missing in their lives. The woman finds comfort in a school janitor (Ronnie Lazaro) who she sees as having a parallelism to her life. The man, in attending his high school reunion, gets an interest in a 20 year old barrio lass who is the daughter of his bestfriend (Jun Urbano). The film, which stars the members of the 80s defunct gag show "Champoy", is also a tribute to the last days of linear editing in the Philippines and the men and women who once work in this department of the film industry.

Writer/Director Moises Anthony Cruz 

13 individuals, 13 lives. Based on the song of Ryan Cayabyab, of the same title, this film talks about the different conflicts and realities of the Filipino individual.

Writer Agustin Pagusara, Director Benjie Garcia

YEAR 1967. Anton was a student of the Lyceum of the Philippines taking up a course in Political Science, while working as a clerk in a furniture factory in Caloocan City. He showed extraordinary writing skills which qualified him to become part of the editorial staff of the school paper. He also got involved in activism in those years approaching the decade of the 70s.


Writer/Director Lauren Marie Sevilla Faustino

Ang Babae sa Likod ng Mambabatok unravels the multiple layers of the almost mythological figure-living legend, Fang Od, a 92 year old woman who has been called the ‘Last [Traditional] Tattoo Artist of Kalinga.’ The first layer of the story is the one she is most famous for-being a tattoo artist. At her eyes, she continues to exhibit sharpness and precision in the very demanding art and skill of tattooing. The second layer shows her many stories as woman who has reached the age of looking back. She regales us with stories of her many suitors, of her youth, the dancing and the feasts. She also looks back with not just a tinge of regret that she never married nor had children of her own. Her body covered in tattoos is a landscape on its own mirroring the map of a woman who has chosen wittingly or unwittingly a road diverging from convention and in the process became a culture-bearer.

Writer, Sheryl Manalastas, Director: Sherbien Dacalanio

Ang dokumentaryo ito ay tungkol kay Estrellita “Star” Saco, isang dalaga na halos sampung taon nang namamasukan bilang katulong sa Maynila. Minsan lamang umuwi si Star sa kaniyang bayan sa Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte dahil sa bukod sa mahal ang pamasahe ay napakalayo pa nito sa Maynila.

Writer/Director Sheron Dayoc

Chasing Fireflies focuses on the narratives of young female children who were victimized by human trafficking and their eventual captivity to child prostitution.
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