Meet TOFFEE: ALPO’s #1 Fan!

Hey there! Meet TOFFEE! The cutest, smartest, and most adorable dog there is! 

TOFFEE is ALPO’s #1 Fan!

He is a young and clever Jack Russell Terrier who spontaneously tries to come up with the successful plans to get the real meaty goodness he absolutely deserves. What’s a good tasting meal for TOFFEE? It has to be MEATY! It has to be TASTY! And Toffee wants exactly just that.

TOFFEE also enjoys the cuddles and the huggies from his Mama. Mama is his favorite person in the entire world. Each time TOFFEE gets his bowl of delicious ALPO along with Mama’s furry tickles, he can’t help but sigh and say: “Ahhh! This is the good life!”

Say “Hi” to him on ALPO Philippines’ Facebook Page: and allow him to show you how you can give your beloved pet dogs a bite out of the good life!

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