CrazyWraps: A new dining destination to all foodies

Another new reason for foodies to celebrate is the opening of CrazyWraps. CrazyWraps offers a wide variety of food and drinks that caters to all walks of life. From Specialty Wraps, Meals, Pasta, Sandwiches and Milk Tea, Frappe, Hot Drinks and Juices that you will surely love! I was lucky enough to get invited for a food tasting event last month. Here are some of the food I get to sample and enjoy. Hope you do too... 

Paratha with Cheese Dip

Chapatti with Tartar Sauce Dip


Chicken Wrap

Beef Wrap... personal favorite :)

Crazy Poor Chicken

Crazy Bariga... Super yummy!

Crazy Smoked Pork Ribs.. can be shared by 2

Mango Crepe

Banana Paratha

Crazy Backer

For the appetizers, I liked Chapatti more because it is thinner and more savory with the Tartar Sauce. The beef wrap is mildly spicy in a good way and I love it. For the rice meals, I love the Crazy Bariga - crispy fried to perfection and the Crazy Smoked Pork Ribs which can be shared by two. Desserts, milk teas and other drinks are also to die for.

For more info and promo updates like CrazyWraps in Facebook and visit them at the 2/F Cinema Lobby of SM Lanang Premier.

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