Pamper your skin the natural way: My Skin Essentials

Having radiant and fair skin is one is one of my goals eversince. I've used several products but after few days I stopped using it might be because I forgot or just too lazy to do so. Diligence is not my thing when it comes to beauty regimen that's why I encourage my daughter, Danaea, to start caring for her skin as early as now. I've heard many horror stories when it comes to whitening products like reddening, severe skin peeling and dark spots on the face after exposure to the sun. Some reasons behind this are lack of knowledge about the product, improper use and incompatibility of the skin to the product used. 

I am glad to hear about this new product line where they use all natural ingredients. My Skin Essentials ingredients are carefully chosen for their nutrient rich qualities, their time tested effectiveness and of course safety. It gently employ active lightening agents (Kojic acid, Papaya extract, Licorice extract, Mulberry extract, Arbutin, Glutathione, Calamansi extract, Bengkoang) and combined with secondary antioxidants (Vit C, E, A) acting as free radical scavengers to give you a radiant, bright and healthy skin. 

I tried the Revitalizing Pinkish Glow Set. The set contains Whitening Beauty Bar - 6-in-1 extra strength, Day and Night Creams and Revitalizing Pinking Glow Toner. The first thing you'll notice is its fruity smell, which I love. I experienced a bit of stinging sensation when I used the toner. The beauty consultants from My Skin explained that this is normal, natural ingredients are powerful and some people may find they have a sensitivity to some of the ingredients  If you have never used fully natural products before, you may find that your skin reacts a little the first couple of times you use them. I also observed that the Day and Night Creams  are non-greasy and does not leave a residue on your skin. After a few days of using it, I no longer had that stinging sensation and after a couple of weeks I noticed that my face has that radiant glow.

Another good points about this product are it Does NOT CONTAIN PARABENS and HYDROQUINONE. They are usually found in conventionally produced health and beauty products as a preservative to extend the shelf life of products like shampoos, soaps, skin lighteners and other cleansing products are dangerous chemicals that might cause cancer.

They have 5 beauty sets to suit your needs: Ultra White Facial Set, Extreme White Underarm Set, Acne Perfecting Facial Set, Revitalizing Pink Glow Set and Ultra White Body Set. All products are also sold individually. For more info you may visit them at Door 2, 93 Jacinto Street, Davao City and check out their FB page:
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