Jollitown Season 6: Now live and interactive!

Jollitown is back with something new and exciting. Its now live and interactive, Jollibee Kids Club members get the chance to be part of the live audience. Each episode teaches cherished Filipino values from teamwork, friendship and generosity, to staying healthy and caring for the environment. Storytelling, song and dance performances plus new, fun and educational segments such as the Jollibee Kids Club Corner.

Join the energetic trio of Justin, Gabbie and Hannah with Hetty the bubbly cheerleader, the talented Twirlie, the sporty and strong Popo, the techie Yum and of course everybody’s good’ol friend, Jollibee. Catch them every Saturday, 8:40 to 9:10 AM on GMA-7.

Here's a photo of me and my boys with the Jollitown gang! 

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