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Trivia: In the early 1900's, Robert Ker arrived in Davao to establish his own abaca business. He built his home, a magnificent European-inspired house, atop a verdant hill of green and tall acacia trees. Fondly called White House by the locals, this awe-aspiring landmark is the symbol of the good life, an inextricable part of the people's aspirations.

The White House was now restored by owner and Chef Cathy Binag as a semi-fine dining restaurant and wine lounge. The elegant at the same time comfortable ambiance brings out the best for the guests who would surely feel like it is also their home.

First Floor. Photo from The White House FB page

Second Floor. Photo from The White House FB page.

The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge focuses on Japanese-European fusion cuisine. They combine Japanese flavors with European techniques to create unique dishes. This art of fusion cuisine aims to transform traditional Japanese and European dishes into contemporary ones.

The White House also specializes in degustation, it is more likely to involve sampling small portions of all of a chef's signature dishes in one sitting. Currently, it offers several degustation menus, ranging from 5-9 courses.

For starters, we sampled Wasabi Oyster Tempura with Balsamic Mayonnaise, Cream Cheese Salmon Maki, Smoked Toro Tempura Roll, Unagi and Torchon of Foie Gras Box Sushi and Trilogy of Foie Gras.

Wasabi Oyster Tempura with Balsamic Mayonnaise. This is 
Cream Cheese Salmon Maki

Smoked Toro Tempura Roll with Braised Gobo and Carrots served with Ponzu Sauce

Unagi and Torchon of Foie Gras Box Sushi with Green Oburro and Japanese Cucumber

Trilogy of Foie Gras
Pan Seared Foie Gras Set on Nasu Miso; Poached Foie Gras Set on Onion Steak in Teriyaki Balsamic Sauce; Torchon of Foie Gras with Cranberry Ponzu and Dehydrated Apple Chips
This is 

We also had Pako and Prawn Salad, Portobello Confit Salad and Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad.

Pako and Prawn Salad with Red Onion Vinaigrette, Salted Egg, Cherry Tomatoes with Mixed Greens

Portobello Confit Salad with Maple Ponzu Dressing Sprinkle with Crispy Julienned Tofu and Seasonal Vegetables

Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad with Truffle Oil, Mixed Greens, Quail Eggs, Seasonal Fruits and Parma Ham
This is 

For the main course, we had Grilled Angus Ribeye, Grilled US Top Blade, Grilled Rack of Lamb, The White House Wagyu Burger, Terderloin Salpicao Teppan Style, Black Akadashi Braised Lamb Shank, U.S. Hanging Tender Steak and Sautéed Seafood Medley with Wasabi Coconut Sauce.

Grilled Angus Ribeye. Gratinate with Raclette Cheese served with Haricort Vert wrapped in Parma Ham and Roasted Garlic BulbThis is 

Grilled US Top Blade served with Shiitake Mushroom Risotto, Roasted Tomato with Grilled Zucchini, Onion Steak and Red Wine Sauce

Grilled Rack of Lamb with Lamb Hash and Blue Cheese Saffron Tortellini; Ratatouille set on Fried Green Tea Soba; Lamb Au Jus and Dehydrated Akadashi Miso
This is 

150g of Grilled wagyu Burger with Brioche Burger Buns, Wasabi Onion Rings, Heiloom Tomamtoes, Gruyere Cheese Mushroom Sauce, Teriyake Mayo, Caramelized Onions, Tyrolian Bacon and Lettuce served with Sweet Potato Chips

Tenderloin Salpicao Teppan Style served with Steamed Japanese Rice rolled in Au Nori, Quail Egg, Sautéed French Beans and Crispy Garlic Chips

Black Akadashi Braised Lamb Shank with Marble Potatoes Confit and served with Haricort Vert
This is 

U.S. Hanging Tender Steak served with Pumpkin Risoni, Konbu Marinated Buttered Seasonal Vegetables with Red Wine Sauce

Sautéed Seafood Medley with Wasabi Coconut Sauce
Sauteed Prawns, Squid, Tuna, Salmon, Manila Clams, New Zealand Mussels,  U.S. Jumbo Scalops and Shiitake Mushroom drizzled with Wasabi and Coconut Cream Sauce served with Steamed Japanese Rice rolled in Au Nori

After all those very and satisfying starters and main course, we still have room for dessert. We had Yamamomo Cheesecake, Brioche French Toast and Banoffee Tart.

Yamamomo Cheesecake - Vanilla Cheesecake topped with Yamamomo and Mixed Berries Compote set on Green Tea Dacquiosa and Mango Caviar
This is 

Brioche French Toast fille with Cinnamon Cream Cheese served with Caramelized Apples, Homemade Pecan Praline Ice Cream and Cinnamon Streusel

Banoffee Tart - Baked Chocolate Custard and Pecan Pie Crust, served with Caramelized Bananas, Dulce de Leche and Chantilly Cream
This is 

And for our well-love pinoy delicacies, they also have they version of the Puto Bumbong and Bibingka. Insider story: They are planning to open a pinoy delicacies store soon, which we got so excited about. Be on a lookout for it soon in one of Davao's famous mall.

Puto Bumbong
Bibingka Super Special
This is 

Overall, the experience was outstanding. All the dishes we sampled tasted superb and kudos to Chef Cathy for being a generous, informative and hospitable host. Thank you for the wonderful time.

I will definitely recommend The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge to my friends and family.

To get updates and more info on them, visit and like their Facebook page

The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge
Camella Northpoint, Bajada, Davao City
(082) 2824540 / +639154483601

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