The Journey of a Bottle

During elementary or high school days a trip to a Coca-Cola Plant was an exciting opportunity, and everyone's favorite part of the trip was getting to taste an ice cold Coke. How a Coca-Cola is made still brings a fascination to people from all ages.

The beginning

The Coca-Cola FEMSA Davao was established in May 1950 is where the journey of a bottle begins and where the iconic beverage is bottled. 

The bottling process starts from the preparation of raw materials & ingredients, then on to the bottler washer, where the bottles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, filled, capped, and inspected using state of the art equipment and the strictest quality control measures. Bottles that pass this quality monitoring are then put into crates and brought to the warehouse for immediate dispatch. 


Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines has two distribution centers serving Southern Mindanao are, employing 395 associates and providing the beverage requirements of close to 80,000 establishments.

Sari-Sari Stories


A majority of your favorite sari-sari store are supported by Coca-Cola FEMSA. Ten years ago, Ate Glenda opened Tisoy Store. After she added Coca-Cola to her stall, her profit has increased by 60%. She is married but does not have children of her own, so she with her profit from her humble sari-sari store, she helps her sisters by sending one of her nephews to school, Tisoy. 
Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines supports their retail partners with various merchandise such as coolers, tables, and other marketing materials to help them grow their business.

The journey doesn't end

Coca-Cola is made up of so much more than its secret formula and world class quality. It's made out of love and happiness by the 10,000 people in 19 plants and close to 60 sales offices across the country. 

Next time you pop open a can or bottle of coke, remember the love and happiness is what out of. Remember that it is the result of hard-work and dedication of thousand. Happiness in a bottle.

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