2018 Inaul Festival sa Maguindanao

Theme: "A Fabric of Peace: Weaving Diversity, Connecting Boundaries"

Photo by Ian Gracia

INAUL, a Maguindanaon word literally means "woven", is a unique fabric manually and meticulously mostly by Maguindanaon women weavers in Mindanao. Inaul weaving is said to have more than twenty designs, with the royal heirloom piece being the rarest since it is no longer being produced. Other ways of weaving include the "umpak", "binaludto", "pinagabi", or "taro" and "binaludan".

The color of inaul fabric reflects the vibrant culture of Maguindanao. Each color used in weaving corresponds to a specific meaning.Yellow and orange is for royalty, while red represents bravery. White is the color of purity that speaks grieve and mourning, whereas, green indicates peace and harmony. Black denotes nobility and dignity.

With Inaul in the spotlight and on the world stage, the Provincial Government of Maguindanao is giving honor once again to this regal fabric along with the weavers who painstakingly create them with the celebration of the 2nd lnaul Festival sa Maguindanao come February 5-14 in the Municipality of Buluan.

"The Inaul festival is a celebration of peace and unity not just for the Maguindanaoans but also among various Muslim groups within the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, who are also joining this year's celebration," added DOT ARMM regional secretary Ayesha Mangudadatu Dilangalen.

With the theme "A Fabric of Peace: Weaving Diversity, Connecting Boundaries", this year's festival highlights include the parade of Inaul, the Inaul Trade Expo, Kapaginaul Weaving Competition, Palamata Nu Maguindanao pageant, Alugan sa Maguindanao cook fest, Cultural Dance Drama, Kambayuka traditional singing exhibition, Sipa sa Manggis traditional royal sport, Sagayan dance competition, Solo Ethnic Instrumental competition, Dayunday traditional singing, and Kagkuya sa Awang boat race.
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